[PGR stream]

The PGR stream will open the conference on the Friday morning. The aim of the session is to provide a supportive and friendly environment for postgraduate students working in the broad field of judicial studies to share their research with fellow researchers, whilst gaining experience in presenting their work and answering questions from specialists in their field.

The speakers have been chosen through an open call for papers. However, we’ve still a few spaces. If you would like to present a paper, please email Elena Kapardis (EXK465[@]student.bham.ac.uk).


  • Alysia Blackham, University of Melbourne, ‘Judicial diversity and mandatory retirement: obstacle or route to progress?’
  • Elena Kapardis, University of Birmingham, ‘Never look back? The lessons judicial diversity can learn from the historical evolution of the judiciary in England & Wales’
  • Sarah O’Rourke, University of Birmingham, ‘Judicial character matters’
  • Diana Richards, University College London, ‘Increasing gender diversity in European judiciaries: latest EU figures and compelling case studies’
  • Joan Richardson, Manchester Metropolitan University, ‘A clash of Ideologies? Emotions in Judicial Decision Making”

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